How Crucial is Mobile Web Design?

Marketing experts are now saying we are past the mobile tipping point for internet access. This means more people than ever are using mobile devices to access websites, with the smartphone in particular likely to overtake desktop devices as the go-to means of online access in the near future.

The implications for businesses are huge. If you can’t reach your audience through a mobile device you’re seriously in danger of missing out on vital opportunities to engage a wider audience and grow your customer base.

So what does having good mobile web design involve? Firstly, it’s not a case of simply scaling down the desktop version of your website. Your business may depend on visitors to your site using their mobiles first, so your website design has to be fully functional and responsive when viewed with a mobile device.

The key things are readability and navigation. To reach the greatest number of people your web design has to work when accessed from mobile devices so your web design needs to have a mobile web strategy behind it.

This is where we come in. LV Media is a Stockport-based web design company but we serve clients throughout Greater Manchester and beyond. We understand good mobile web design, and how to get the best for you depending on your particular business’s needs.

We offer a range of pay monthly packages that make our services accessible and affordable. All these options come with mobile responsive design as standard, so you’ll never have to worry about customers visiting your site and not getting the most out of it.

We believe in working with businesses to ensure that their online communication needs are fully met. We’ll get to know you, understand your goals, and come up with an online solution that fits absolutely with your business strategy. From enterprise to ecommerce, and for whatever the device your customers prefer to use, we have the answers.

Do Pay Monthly Websites Have Personalities?

Are you worried about your website’s personality? Are you thinking that because you’re thinking of signing up for a pay monthly website deal you might be getting something a bit basic and purely functional?

In fact every website has a personality, and how the site looks, and what it says will be the ways in which this is expressed. For example, if, for whatever reason, you decided your website needed to be absolutely stripped back, minimal and text-based it’s appearance would still say something to the people visiting it.

Pay monthly websites are, in this respect, no different from any other websites. You’re just spreading the cost. The actual content of your website is dependent on what you want to say about yourself and your business, and how you want to outwardly show this.

Clarity is the key. You need to have a clear idea of what your site’s objectives will be. Are you selling directly to customers, or promoting a service? Are you building your brand, looking to engage a specific audience?

Think about the traffic. The end result you want is for there to be lots of internet traffic landing on your site and, most importantly, staying there. The click rate is one thing, the conversion rate is another. Which is why your site’s personality is so important.

A strong personality for your website is more likely to result in increased interest, increased visitors and, ultimately, increased business for you. Think about your website as an extension of your brand and all the values associated with it. And if you haven’t figured out your brand values yet, you should be working on them right now and using your website to get them across to potential customers.

The other key element in your website’s personality is how easy it will be for people to navigate around it. Even the most handsome looking of websites will be hamstrung if visitors to it can’t easily move back and forth between pages and access menus.

At LV Media we understand the need to build and design websites that will engage an audience, that are easy to explore, and that have strong, unique personalities. We offer a range of packages to ensure that our pay monthly websites offer the best value and the best results.

What Not To Do With Your Website

Creating a website has never been more straightforward, except that while pretty much anyone can create a website, not everyone can create a good one.

For a website to be effective it has to be attractive, engaging and easy for visitors to navigate around. You need to optimise your site, and there are certain things around content you can do to ensure this.

However, there are also certain things you must not do, or risk penalising your site when it comes to search engine rankings.

Keyword Stuffing

This is where you basically cram as many keywords as possible into your site in the hope that this will drive up your Google ranking. The myth persists that the more keywords you include, the more likely it is that search engines will interpret this density as relevancy and reward your site accordingly.

Keyword density is not an important metric. Use your keywords intelligently and logically, like you would other words. Most importantly, your site should make sense, and stuffing it full of keywords is likely to have the opposite effect.

Remember, the value in your site comes from its usability.

Distracting Adverts

There is evidence that people dislike digital ads pretty much more than any other kind of advert. Pop up ads are particularly disruptive when it comes to the user experience of a website.

If you allow annoying ads onto your site you run the very real risk of alienating your site visitors, which means they won’t be hanging around to see what you’ve got for them.

Down on the Link Farm

A popular form of web spam is manipulative linking, whereby you link to a fake or low value site which is only set up for this purpose. These sites are known as link farms.

Genuine links have value in ranking your site on search engines, but link farms definitely do not.

Other forms of manipulative link acquisition include reciprocal link exchange deals with other sites and paid links.

Ultimately these are much more likely to harm your site’s Google rankings than enhance them.

Saying it Again, and Again

Search engines do not like duplicate content. If Google does find two identical pieces of text, whether on one site, or between two sites, it will only index one of the pages.

Pretty much everyone adapts and reconfigures content for their own purposes, but resist the temptation to simply copy and paste: it could cost you a lot in terms of where your site gets listed, or indeed whether it gets listed at all.

At LV Media we specialise in web design covering Manchester, Stockport and the North West. We understand the dos and don’ts surrounding websites and how to ensure your website is dynamic and effective. Give us a call.

The Key Benefits of Web Design in Stockport

Your website makes your business available to a worldwide customer base 24 hours a day. It conveys your brand identity, promotes what you’re about and builds trust with your customers. It’s an extremely cost-effective way of getting your message out to a big audience and massively increasing your
sales potential.

What, though, are the benefits of getting a professional web designer to create your site for you? Surely there are ways and means for you to do it yourself, and wouldn’t this save you money?

Take Stockport, for example. It has lots of small to medium sized businesses. Many of these may well have created their own websites, or got a friend who knows a bit about it to do it for them. Do you really want to compete at
this level?

An experienced, professional, web designer will bring the following key benefits to your website, putting you way ahead of the competition:

Seeing your business in a fresh light
A designer will bring perspective to your business, and how best to promote it through your website. You’re the expert at what you do, the designer is the expert in a different field, and an objective viewpoint of what you do will help shape how your website can be really effective.

Shaping a consistent brand identity
From the professional web designer’s viewpoint, the big picture really matters. So the designer will make sure your website works with all your other branding and brings everything together coherently. Remember, your website advertises your business and has a potential reach way beyond local boundaries.

Attracting customers through aligned content and design
It’s not just about clicks. Your site visitors need to stick around and commit to buying what you’re selling. A good website design will make your site attractive and accessible to ensure they do this. As well as the big picture, designers know all about attention to detail. And the details really count when it comes to making your website readable and easy to navigate.

LV Media product web design in Stockport. We specialise in affordable, high quality websites for businesses, including ecommerce sites. We offer a range of attractive, pay monthly packages. Contact us today.

Why Optimise Your Website for Search Engines?

Why Optimise Your Website for Search Engines?

There are a lot of websites out there, around one billion worldwide. That’s a lot to take in, and a lot of choice for anyone browsing or searching. This is why it’s so vital that your website can be easily found and is attractive to your audience. This isn’t just about how it looks, in fact your web design should involve all sorts of factors in order to ensure your website performs to its best capabilities. This is optimisation.

What Does SEO Mean?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, comprises all the things you can do to make your website more visible. These are both on-page and off-page. On-page SEO is to do with the technical things that can make a website more noticeable; whereas off-page means activity around social media marketing and building links.

Organic search engine results are those that make your site rank higher on a search page without you taking out pay-per-click advertising.

With web design, it’s important that you have strong site architecture and navigation to help search engines index it. Google is particularly interested in the user experience when it comes to ranking websites, and Google accounts for around 90 per cent of global organic search traffic.

Search engines look for certain qualities, which will then affect how it ranks a website.

Relevancy and Quality

Google ranks relevancy very highly, which means whether or not a site provides the relevant answers to the questions people put into Google. Search engines have internal alogrithms to determine how they provide these results, but relevancy will influence them – the searcher’s search history, for example, and when they’re searching.

Consider also local SEO, where what you’re offering is particularly relevant to people searching locally. Google is increasingly ranking the location of the person doing the searching as important.

The quality of your content is also crucial when it comes to SEO – it needs to be helpful and useful and, importantly, written for humans, not search engine algorithms. Focus less on keywords and more on your users and their experience.

Speed and Compatibility

How quickly your pages load will help differentiate your site for search engines, and ensuring that your site is compatible for viewing on mobile devices is absolutely vital, with Google now prioritising this.

Internal Linking

Google likes it if you widen your readers’ options, which means providing plenty of relevant links to other relevant, useful material. This can help give off trust signals to search engines, and using conspicuous anchor text can help reduce your bounce rates.

Links can also help boost your rankings for certain keywords, if Google can see the common keywords across linked sites, indicating that more people are searching for these words. And the more internal links Google picks up from your site, the more trustworthy it’s likely to rank it.

Meta Descriptions and Image Tags

Meta descriptions can improve the chances of a searcher clicking on your result, and properly tagged images means that Google can actually read them.

Enduring Content

Contrary to some commonly held opinions, the internet is not always about the shock of the new. If you publish useful content in the form of guides, or advice, it can be evergreen in terms of its value. So don’t always be thinking of the fresh hit, but instead work up some ideas that will have enduring value to searchers and site users.

LV Media specialises in web design for Manchester, Stockport and the North West. We design and build websites that really work for business, and we know how to optimise them to get the best results.

What Do You Get From Pay Monthly Website Design?

Good web design is about listening. After all, it’s your website, reflecting the values of your business and fulfilling your objectives. When you’ve got a professional designing your site then you should expect them to be taking your views on board. The designer should work with you, listen to you, find out from you what your business is about and who your customers are.

Pay monthly web design involves the same process but the big difference is that you’re not paying for it in one chunk. Instead you pay an agreed monthly sum, spreading the cost and commitment for you. This is not the only advantage however. There is also the whole dialogue between yourself and the designer
to consider.

The pay monthly option helps to build the kind of close working relationship between yourself and the web designer that leads to a genuine exchange of ideas. This can only help in achieving the sort of clarity in your website design that accurately captures the essence of your business.

Design is a process and a big part of this is how ideas and values, aims and objectives, are expressed in a dynamic, visual manner. The ideas, values, aims and objectives are yours. The designer becomes your mouthpiece, the website your shop front and a portal through which your customers can engage with you.

Pay monthly web design is an innovative way for you to access all this without having to worry about a large-scale financial commitment. At LV Media we understand the strains and stresses businesses are prone to, and at the same time we’re eager make good web design affordable and accessible
to businesses.

Contact us today to discuss our range of pay monthly web design packages. We’re sure we’ll have the right one to suit you.

Why Do Pay Monthly Websites Make Good Business Sense?

Is it always best to pay for things in one go? It can be the right thing to do in certain circumstances, especially if spreading the cost brings with it extra charges. But business is about managing the budget and ensuring that you maintain, and grow, your profit margins. So sometimes paying for the whole lot and taking a big hit isn’t going to be the right thing to do. This is why pay monthly websites provide such a crucial service.

Having your own website is a modern business necessity. It’s also a commitment. Online things move fast, situations change rapidly. Creating a website isn’t like investing in an expensive piece of office furniture. You can’t just set it up and assume it’ll do the job while you concentrate on other matters.

Given that websites require regular updating, does it not make sense to spread the cost? Pay monthly websites make maintaining an online presence affordable. Think of it this way, with a pay monthly website you’ve not put all your money down one go, so if things need to change and you need your site to adapt, it’s absorbed into your ongoing expenses.

LV Media offers a range of pay monthly options for designing, building and hosting websites because we understand the sort of pressures businesses are under and we know how your site needs to be dynamic and responsive.

Investing in your online presence makes good business sense, but we understand how big a commitment that can feel like. That’s why our pay monthly websites make it easy for you. There aren’t any hidden costs. We offer a range of pay monthly packages and we’ll make it clear to you from the start what these include. We’re confident we’ve got the right website deal for you. Contact
us today.

What is the Best Platform for Selling Online?

What is the Best Platform for Selling Online?

If you’re starting up a business and you need to sell online, what is the best way of doing this? Many people think that the internet and the web are the same thing. But they’re not. Here’s the difference: the internet is the network through which information is transmitted: but the web is the way in which we access the information.

When it comes to web design in Manchester, Stockport and across the North West, knowing how your audience will engage with you is crucial – how people visiting your website access your information is critical to how successful your online store will be. To sell successfully you need the right platform.

Selling With Magento

Imagine your website as a shop window, where you attract your customers so that they will buy from you. But attraction is one thing, getting them over the threshold so that they buy from you is another.

The Magento platform is ideal for ecommerce startups. It is flexible, adaptable and, importantly, scaleable – when your business grows, the Magento platform can grow with you, providing you with the means to keep selling online.

Winning the Popularity Contest

Magento has a market share close to 30% among the most popular ecommerce sellers. It’s used by big brands, which is a sure indicator of both its security and reliability. But it’s still an open source platform, which means it’s open to scrutiny as well as free to use, which in turn helps guarantee how well it works.

As an open source platform, Magento has had lots of people involved in its development, strengthening its functionality over time. In short, it has a huge knowledge-base to draw on.

Also, it’s flexible and relatively easy to customise, which is why it can work for both the big, established brands and smaller startups.

Upping Your Conversion Rate

Your website visitors have to get beyond the shop window and actually buy from you. With the Magento platform’s various customisation features, you can target your audience better and help guide them towards conversion, whereby they click and buy.

You can define any product feature you like, because of Magento’s flexibility. So when it comes to selling the benefits of your product, you can tailor your website to meet the needs of your customers.

Magento enables responsive website design, ensuring that your online store absolutely matches how you want to present your brand to the world. And this responsiveness helps enormously with search engine optimisation (SEO) – it keeps your site mobile-friendly and better ranked by Google’s algorithms.

At LV Media we have a wealth of experience in web design, serving ecommerce clients throughout Greater Manchester. We understand how to get the best out of the Magento platform to give you the online store you want.

Give us a call today and let’s get you started up.

Can Web Design Make Your Vision an Online Reality?

Sometimes it makes sense to go to an expert. There are enough DIY disasters out there to make a case for using a professional builder when it comes to extending your house so why should designing your website be any different? You’ve got to balance whatever satisfaction you might derive from doing it yourself against the risks of getting it wrong, or it taking up way too much of your time, or the simple fact of not being able to transform what’s in your head into something that really works online.

Good web design is absolutely crucial to business success. If it’s about marketing yourself then it needs to be right; if you’re going to be selling over the internet then your e-commerce site has to be watertight as well as easily accessible. Your website is telling your story and you want to be sure that it’s doing exactly what you want it to.

LV Media Ltd is a web design company based in Stockport. We believe in lucid vision (what the LV stands for), which means not only capturing what you want as an expertly designed, good looking website, but also making sure that it functions as it should. The lucidity isn’t just about attractiveness, it’s about how your website works so that it is totally in synch with your business activity and how you see it developing and growing.

We’re based in Stockport but we have clients across the country and we provide a variety of modular packages designed to appeal to a range of business customers with individual requirements. We use our pioneering pay monthly model which means that you don’t have to commit a large sum upfront before getting up and running.

We’re flexible in responding to our customers’ needs and we work with them to design websites that bring their dreams and ideas to life. Contact us today and see how we can give you a web design to boost your business.

Freshen Up Your Business With a Pay Monthly Website

Most businesses think they should have a website simply because, well, everyone else has one, so why not? However, it’s important to remind yourself of the very clear benefits a website can bring to your business.

And if you’ve already got a website, you might consider refreshing it, to make sure it’s really doing the right things you want it to. If you’re not sure exactly what those things are, read on.

Build Your Relationships

A business website should build the foundations of a dialogue with your customers. This is because a website is not passive; it is in fact an active, strategic business tool.

Firstly, it should provide the essential information about you that your customers need. It should do this in a way that promotes your brand and accurately reflects your brand values.

Your site needs to be accessible, easy to navigate around, and it needs to both attract and engage your target audience.

This is how you build relationships with your audience, and turn your website visitors into qualified prospects and then confirmed customers.

Compared with other marketing and advertising, maintaining a website is an extremely cost effective way of doing this. This is even more so if you take a pay monthly option for designing, building and hosting your website.

Helping Your Customers to Find You

For your website to be effective you need to know your audience. If your site is designed with this in mind, you can then use it to attract your customers, and the beauty of it is that they will come to you.

This is why it’s vital that your site is properly optimised, so that when people are searching for something on the internet, they’ll find what they’re looking for listed prominently on search engines.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is the key to this. However, your site can also become the base for a range of digital marketing activities to help generate business for you.

You can keep it constantly refreshed with blogs and articles aimed at your target audience, and you can share these through social media with the aim of brining your audience back to your site, and converting them into customers. You might also consider having a series of landing pages to help concentrate your marketing activity in key areas.

A website is not a fixed asset, it is a way of opening your business up to opportunities for growth.

At LV Media we specialise in business websites across a wide range of sectors, from ecommerce sites to essential utilities and services. We can provide pay monthly websites, so that you can spread the cost while seeing the benefits up front.

Contact us today and see how we can freshen up your business.