Will a Pay Monthly Web Design Plan Help You Commit to Change?

Sometimes there are things that nag away at you in the background. These are things that you know, in your heart of hearts, you should do something about but somehow you just can’t commit to taking action. What about your website? It isn’t something that ought only to be paying lip service to what you’re about, it should be a crucial part of how you market your business. Is it doing what it should, or is it a bit like some old lawnmower in the garden shed that just about does the job but really needs an upgrade?

Moreover, the internet moves fast, things change, so having a website that doesn’t reflect these changes is likely to give off the wrong messages about you and could lose you customers. But there’s that thing again, nagging away, you want to do something about changing your website design but it’s just too big a commitment. It’s a time and money issue, and it feels like too much trouble right this minute, like that old lawnmower.

But what if the commitment wasn’t so big after all, what if you could pay a manageable, regular monthly fee and start the process of changing your website and your online presence that way? You might pay for your home insurance or utilities in monthly instalments, so why not do the same for something else of equal importance in your working life?

A pay monthly web design plan offers you flexibility and a way of making the important step towards change without the worry of committing a large sum of money up front. Here at LV Media Ltd we have a range of pay monthly web design packages to choose from and we’re confident we can find the right one to suit you and to help you make that transformation to your online presence.

Why First Impressions Count in Web Design

First impressions really count for a lot, and while there may be substance beneath the surface, when it comes to web design, online visitors form their opinions quickly.

According to the Manchester Evening News <LINK>, more than 14,000 new businesses had launched in the area between January and July of 2015. That’s a lot of competition. These businesses need to have something that will differentiate them in their customers’ eyes and that will attract and keep customers.

A well-designed website is the perfect business tool, but like all tools, it needs to be fit for purpose.

The Evidence

According to researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, an online visitor can form a first opinion of your business’s brand in less than two-tenths of a second. After this, it only takes a further 2.6 seconds for the visitor’s vision to concentrate in a way that will then reinforce this first impression.

These results come from a detailed analysis of eye movements, using eye tracking software and an infrared camera.

The research was able to analyse how much time people focussed on specific area of a web page before looking at another part of it. These areas included the menu, logo, images and social media icons. The research also suggests that colour and images are important parts of a website design in attracting visitors to a page.

What is Your Website For?

A website should not be passive. It is not simply a location for visitors to drop in on, only to leave soon afterwards. Ideally, websites should be designed with specific aims in mind.

You should be able to identify what it is that you want visitors to do as a result of visiting your site. This might be about selling to them online, or getting them to leave contact details, or to contact you directly for more information.

Whatever your product or service, your website should be working to help promote your business and your brand by engaging with your intended audience.

To do this, the design and content have to be right for your business goals, and right for your audience, your customer base and your prospects.

Your online audience does not have the time to give you the benefit of the doubt: first impressions count. So ask yourself: is your website design doing you justice?

LV Media Ltd specialises in web design in Manchester and across the North West. We understand that first impressions are crucial and that how people view a website can be a make or break issue when it comes to attracting customers. Talk to us <LINK> about your website today.




Three Ecommerce Website Essentials

Before your customers can make their choices, you must make yours: what can you do to help you stand out online and make them want to buy from you?

There is a widespread shift to online shopping, and with this change in consumer behaviour comes greater competition. As an online store, you’re not simply competing with other retailers in your area, your competing on a global scale.

At the same time, because we’re talking about online shopping here, your site visitors will only give you a small window of opportunity to grab their attention.

At LV Media, we specialise in pay monthly sites, and we understand how best to combine affordability with excellence in ecommerce website design.

The first impression you make is crucial, as are the small details that will help to differentiate you. These are ecommerce website essentials.

What Your Customers See

Visual design is vital. The human brain processes images very quickly, much faster than text.

Therefore, when it comes to images on your website, they must look good. Go for high resolution, because presentation is everything. People’s eyes will be drawn to images first, so make sure that what you display is captivating, and that your images have a purpose.

Images are not just decoration – they help establish the visual hierarchy of your site. They should make visitors want to take action, and they should help with the flow of your site and how its navigation advances.

How Your Homepage Functions

You must make it easy for people to buy from you. This means your homepage must be fully functional. It must present a mobile-friendly storefront that also works for browsing on multiple devices.

Back of store functionality must include shopping carts, inventories and payment records.

The homepage must encourage shoppers to delve deeper and explore what your ecommerce site is offering. Think in terms of categories and special offers.

Your Marketing Content

Once you’ve attracted visitors with your site’s design, your written marketing copy will help you make the sale.

This is what provides value to your visitors, and both attracts and engages them.

You must have carefully crafted product pages, clear information and easy-to-follow checkout processes.

Also, use marketing content to reach out and attract visitors to your site using email marketing, and sharing blogs and posts through the social media channels appropriate to your brand.

Your content must be flawless, concise, consistent and compelling if it’s going to help you sell online.

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