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Cheap Website Design

Web Design
Cheap Website Design So the word of the day is cheap. What does this mean? As an adjective the Oxford dictionary says this "costing little money or less than is usual or expected". It doesn't say anywhere that cheap means of less quality. This is important because the word cheap gets.

13 October/Posted by lvmedia

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Mobile ecommerce websites overtaking desktop traffic

According to ecommerce week, mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic for the first time. Smartphones and tablets are taking 36% of all UK e-retail traffic and 40% for clothing. This is unlikely to be a shock to most people. The IMRG Capgemini Quarterly Benchmarking Report which examines about 40 retailers.

9 October/Posted by lvmedia

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Magento Go and Prostores

eCommerce / Web Design
Not exactly new news but hadn't managed to find the 'time' to write a post last month. That might be a good post in its self...if I ever got round to writing it! So it seems Magento Go has bitten the dust and retired to the home of old and.

29 September/Posted by lvmedia

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Web Design Manchester

Web Design
Why First Impressions Count in Web Design First impressions really count for a lot, and while there may be substance beneath the surface, when it comes to web design, online visitors form their opinions quickly. According to the Manchester Evening News, more than 14,000 new businesses had launched in the.

13 September/Posted by lvmedia

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Web Design in Stockport

Web Design
Less Can Be More: Keeping Your Web Design Simple Many websites suffer from an overload of information. There’s a temptation to leave no stone unturned, to want to include any and all information about your business on your site. But if your online visitors are faced with too much information,.

12 September/Posted by lvmedia

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Basecamp Project Management App

Project Management / Web Design
We spent some time deciding where to go when it came to managing our projects. We've in the past used a few different apps but with little success; usually because they are so overloaded with that many bells and whistles we got a little overwhelmed and with us being a.

22 July/Posted by lvmedia

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Pay Monthly Website

Pay Monthly Web Design
Ever think about costs etc for a website?....silly question...I think we all do! We as a web design company deal mainly with small to medium sized companies and find that cost is inevitably king. Spending a fortune on setting up a site is quite consistent for most businesses. As the.

18 July/Posted by lvmedia

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation, SEO, is the strategy by which web designers use keywords linked to your sites’ content to help people find your website through search engines such as Bing and Google. Millions of people that use the internet will use search engines to find what they want because they.

20 June/Posted by lvmedia

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Does your eCommerce site convert clicks in to sales?

eCommerce / SEO / Web Design
As a business you have decided to expand in to the online market that is the internet by having a beautifully designed ecommerce website.  But does your site convert clicks in to sales?  It’s all well and good have an attractive website but you want visitors to end up as.

9 June/Posted by lvmedia

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Geotagging and Instagram

Social Media / Web Design
It became apparent to me a wee while back that my daughter who’s 16 uses Instagram and has been geotagg’ing her whereabouts to her pictures. It was my partner that pointed out her images may provide a direct route for strangers to find out her ‘almost’ exact position. I checked.

6 June/Posted by lvmedia

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