Three Ecommerce Website Essentials

Before your customers can make their choices, you must make yours: what can you do to help you stand out online and make them want to buy from you?

There is a widespread shift to online shopping, and with this change in consumer behaviour comes greater competition. As an online store, you’re not simply competing with other retailers in your area, your competing on a global scale.

At the same time, because we’re talking about online shopping here, your site visitors will only give you a small window of opportunity to grab their attention.

At LV Media, we specialise in pay monthly sites, and we understand how best to combine affordability with excellence in ecommerce website design.

The first impression you make is crucial, as are the small details that will help to differentiate you. These are ecommerce website essentials.

What Your Customers See

Visual design is vital. The human brain processes images very quickly, much faster than text.

Therefore, when it comes to images on your website, they must look good. Go for high resolution, because presentation is everything. People’s eyes will be drawn to images first, so make sure that what you display is captivating, and that your images have a purpose.

Images are not just decoration – they help establish the visual hierarchy of your site. They should make visitors want to take action, and they should help with the flow of your site and how its navigation advances.

How Your Homepage Functions

You must make it easy for people to buy from you. This means your homepage must be fully functional. It must present a mobile-friendly storefront that also works for browsing on multiple devices.

Back of store functionality must include shopping carts, inventories and payment records.

The homepage must encourage shoppers to delve deeper and explore what your ecommerce site is offering. Think in terms of categories and special offers.

Your Marketing Content

Once you’ve attracted visitors with your site’s design, your written marketing copy will help you make the sale.

This is what provides value to your visitors, and both attracts and engages them.

You must have carefully crafted product pages, clear information and easy-to-follow checkout processes.

Also, use marketing content to reach out and attract visitors to your site using email marketing, and sharing blogs and posts through the social media channels appropriate to your brand.

Your content must be flawless, concise, consistent and compelling if it’s going to help you sell online.

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