What the Customer Wants From Your Ecommerce Site

What do consumers want when they visit your ecommerce site? Website design for ecommerce site must answer this essential question.


LV Media specialises in pay monthly sites and when it comes to ecommerce we know that getting it right means including the right features that customers want.


How Easy to Use is Your Ecommerce Site?

Customers want ecommerce sites to be fast when they load, and they want them to be intuitive – when they click on it, it’s clear what they need to do.


The site must work across all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

The key is functionality. Customers value usability and responsiveness. The main thing here is navigation. How easy will it be for customers to find what they’re looking for on your site.


Alongside this comes speed. Online shopping should be fast and convenient, so if you’re site is slow to load, it will put prospective shoppers off.

Your site must be optimised for mobile devices. Mobile internet usage has now overtaken desktop usage, and many young people, especially, favour mobile over desktop for their online transactions.

To attract and retain customers, your ecommerce site must be easy to use.

Are You Providing Enough Information?

When you’re selling products, or services, on your website, you must provide the right level of detail to help your customers buy from you.

It might sound obvious, but people can’t feel or touch the actual product, they can’t see it up close. Therefore, you need to give them confidence in it by providing enough detailed information about it.

For this reason, having frequently asked questions (FAQs) is essential. Also, consider incorporating live chat into your website, because prospective customers like to be able to ask questions about the things they’re thinking of buying.

Be sure that this information is accurate – otherwise you risk customer dissatisfaction, and returned goods, with no return visits to your site.

Are Your Images Big, Clear and Detailed?

Ecommerce sites are visual, so it’s crucial that the images you use are clear, attractive and large enough for customers to see what they’re buying – vitally important for physical goods.

You risk customers abandoning shopping carts mid-purchase if they cannot see clearly what it is they’re buying from you.

Product pages must have clear images, with enough detail for when customers use the zoom in function. You should also ensure that these images load quickly.

How Easy is it to Search On Your Site?

 People are looking for specific things, so your site needs to make this easy for them to do. This means having a fast and dynamic search tool, that also enables users to filter products.

Searching is an essential part of the customer experience, so you must make it as straightforward and swift as possible.

What Are Your Customers Saying About You?

People like to know what other customers think about you, so you should include reviews and ratings on your website. Authentic, third party reviews can be a powerful marketing tool, and you’re helping build customer confidence in your product or service.

Consumers say reviews make them feel more comfortable about making a purchase; and it helps ensure the quality and safety of what you’re selling.

Your accountability is important to customers, and truthful, unbiased reviews and ratings will help them see you as a trustworthy trader.

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