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Search engine optimisation, SEO, is the strategy by which web designers use keywords linked to your sites’ content to help people find your website through search engines such as Bing and Google. Millions of people that use the internet will use search engines to find what they want because they are simple. If someone is looking for “pay monthly websites” then they simply type this in to Google and Google will produce a list of websites that meet this criteria. There will be thousands or millions of results but lets face it people only look at the first couple of pages at website guidelines

This is why it is vital that your website appears at the top of these rankings. The more quality content there is linked to your site the higher it will appear in the results. This may then ensure more traffic flow to your website.

Each page of your website will benefit having a few focus keywords, the title tag of each page should reflect this. Of course don’t start adding phrases in there that make the sentence read poorly, also if you are going to stuff a large amount of keywords in there then its just going to read ridiculously and look like you’re ‘keyword stuffing’ to Google, the real point is to write quality content that is relevant to your product or industry.

In fact a good starting point for any website owner is Google themselves, they offer excellent advice to making your site Google friendly; this link will certainly get you started on a strong foothold – Google Friendly Website Guideline.

Our advice is to either hire a SEO company (like ourselves!) or follow the guidelines Google have offered in the link above and just remember to write for the potential readers not the search engine itself.

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