What Information Must You Include on Your Website?

Sometimes form can overshadow function, and many websites suffer from this: sure, they look great, but what they’re designed to do seems to have been lost along the way. Regardless of how your website looks, there are certain essential pieces of information you must include on it to help it work for your business. Your Identity – Who You Are Do people know who you are? When someone clicks onto your site, will they understand what your business does? This needs to be clear within seconds of someone landing on your site. It seems some businesses fear simplicity and stating clearly what they’re about – but in most cases, busy people haven’t the time to solve puzzles or investigate mysteries. They just want to know, and your site should tell them. Where in the World Are You? You may be wanting to think local but act global, but it’s helpful for people to know where you’re based and what areas you cover, even if you have designs on being international. This is about trust as much as anything: the more people know about you, the more they are likely to trust you, and therefore use your services or buy your products. This is also very useful for SEO, allowing you to appeal directly to people in your area looking for services or products like yours. Which brings us to… What Do You Do, Exactly? Don’t rely on your name and a simple statement of your business giving people enough information about what you do. Be clear, don’t be coy: list your services, and make it clear what it is about you that singles you out from the competition. What makes your business unique? What Should Your Visitors Do Next? Design your site with your visitors’ end actions in mind. Be clear about what you want your site users to do. This may be about contacting you for a chat or downloading something specific – through a landing page. Or it may be that you want people to order directly from you. For any of these things to happen, your site must bring your visitors to this point, through careful use of images and text. The call to action is essential, because otherwise your visitors may simply move on elsewhere, because you’ve not done enough to convince them, or given them sufficient information to make a decision. Is Your Site Attractive? A good website combines form and function – it looks good but it also works well. One without the other risks losing customers, or failing to attract them in the first place. LV Media specialises in web design in Stockport, Greater Manchester and beyond. We understand how to design and build websites that work for business. Give us a call.

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