Is Your Website Content Doing its Job?

Websites work for business. They are a means for customers to interact, to find out more and to buy direct from you. But websites are also a means of promotion and if your website isn’t actively working to let people know about you and to help generate more leads, and customers, then it isn’t doing its job. Is Your Website Active? There’s a difference between having a live website and an active one. Anyone can have a static website that just sits there with its index of pages and its unchanging information, like a book in a library waiting to be found. But your website should be doing far more than this for your business. If you want customers, you have to attract them and you can do this using content. Have you got a blog and if so, what does it consist of? If you’re simply writing occasional bits of news about your business, then you’re far from maximising its potential. Your blog should help you attract customers. It’s a key way of continually refreshing and reinventing your website, which is good for your search engine rankings. But more than this, you can use it to really connect with your target audience. Don’t talk about your business, talk about their concerns, their interests, even their fears. Effective blogging is about empathy – if you can show a thorough understanding of your customers then they will see you as more trustworthy. And trust is a powerful marketing tool. Promoting and Sharing How do you get more people to read your content and, in so doing, bring more traffic to your website? The answer is sharing your content. First you need to understand your audience – your research should already have fed into your blogs. You then need to share your content through the appropriate social media channels in order to reach them. Now while your tone might be approachable, even informal, you have to be very strategic about this activity. You need to consider the timing of your shares – when your audience is most likely to read them on the platform you’ve chosen – and the frequency of them. Social media marketing requires dedication and persistence and like most things in business, you have to work for it. But sharing content has potentially huge rewards because it enables you to reach a wider audience in a very cost effective way. Next time you look at your website and you feel it needs an injection of energy, or even a reboot, think of your content, and how you can use it to really make your website work for you. LV Media specialises in web design for a wide range of businesses, including many ecommerce sites. We offer a range of pay monthly web design packages, allowing you to spread the cost of your investment while seeing returns on it sooner rather than later. Contact us today to find out how you can have a truly dynamic business website.

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