What is the Best Platform for Selling Online?

What is the Best Platform for Selling Online? If you’re starting up a business and you need to sell online, what is the best way of doing this? Many people think that the internet and the web are the same thing. But they’re not. Here’s the difference: the internet is the network through which information is transmitted: but the web is the way in which we access the information. When it comes to web design in Manchester, Stockport and across the North West, knowing how your audience will engage with you is crucial – how people visiting your website access your information is critical to how successful your online store will be. To sell successfully you need the right platform. Selling With Magento Imagine your website as a shop window, where you attract your customers so that they will buy from you. But attraction is one thing, getting them over the threshold so that they buy from you is another. The Magento platform is ideal for ecommerce startups. It is flexible, adaptable and, importantly, scaleable – when your business grows, the Magento platform can grow with you, providing you with the means to keep selling online. Winning the Popularity Contest Magento has a market share close to 30% among the most popular ecommerce sellers. It’s used by big brands, which is a sure indicator of both its security and reliability. But it’s still an open source platform, which means it’s open to scrutiny as well as free to use, which in turn helps guarantee how well it works. As an open source platform, Magento has had lots of people involved in its development, strengthening its functionality over time. In short, it has a huge knowledge-base to draw on. Also, it’s flexible and relatively easy to customise, which is why it can work for both the big, established brands and smaller startups. Upping Your Conversion Rate Your website visitors have to get beyond the shop window and actually buy from you. With the Magento platform’s various customisation features, you can target your audience better and help guide them towards conversion, whereby they click and buy. You can define any product feature you like, because of Magento’s flexibility. So when it comes to selling the benefits of your product, you can tailor your website to meet the needs of your customers. Magento enables responsive website design, ensuring that your online store absolutely matches how you want to present your brand to the world. And this responsiveness helps enormously with search engine optimisation (SEO) – it keeps your site mobile-friendly and better ranked by Google’s algorithms. At LV Media we have a wealth of experience in web design, serving ecommerce clients throughout Greater Manchester. We understand how to get the best out of the Magento platform to give you the online store you want. Give us a call today and let’s get you started up.

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