Do Pay Monthly Websites Have Personalities?

Are you worried about your website’s personality? Are you thinking that because you’re thinking of signing up for a pay monthly website deal you might be getting something a bit basic and purely functional? In fact every website has a personality, and how the site looks, and what it says will be the ways in which this is expressed. For example, if, for whatever reason, you decided your website needed to be absolutely stripped back, minimal and text-based it’s appearance would still say something to the people visiting it. Pay monthly websites are, in this respect, no different from any other websites. You’re just spreading the cost. The actual content of your website is dependent on what you want to say about yourself and your business, and how you want to outwardly show this. Clarity is the key. You need to have a clear idea of what your site’s objectives will be. Are you selling directly to customers, or promoting a service? Are you building your brand, looking to engage a specific audience? Think about the traffic. The end result you want is for there to be lots of internet traffic landing on your site and, most importantly, staying there. The click rate is one thing, the conversion rate is another. Which is why your site’s personality is so important. A strong personality for your website is more likely to result in increased interest, increased visitors and, ultimately, increased business for you. Think about your website as an extension of your brand and all the values associated with it. And if you haven’t figured out your brand values yet, you should be working on them right now and using your website to get them across to potential customers. The other key element in your website’s personality is how easy it will be for people to navigate around it. Even the most handsome looking of websites will be hamstrung if visitors to it can’t easily move back and forth between pages and access menus. At LV Media we understand the need to build and design websites that will engage an audience, that are easy to explore, and that have strong, unique personalities. We offer a range of packages to ensure that our pay monthly websites offer the best value and the best results.

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