Does your eCommerce site convert clicks in to sales?

As a business you have decided to expand in to the online market that is the internet by having a beautifully designed ecommerce website.  But does your site convert clicks in to sales?  It’s all well and good have an attractive website but you want visitors to end up as paying customers.  There are a number of things you need to consider when creating a conversion friendly website.

Firstly your site must be easy to navigate because shoppers will simply click off your website if they cannot find what they want.  Your navigation system needs to be simple and straight forward so that online users can view your products quickly and easily.

Be sure to use high end quality product images because shoppers will want to see your products clearly.  If appropriate take a few photos of the same product from different angles so the potential customer knows what they are getting.  Another useful tool is product videos which are short clips showing the product and how it is used in life.  The videos can have speech with someone explaining it.

Your content especially for product descriptions needs to be engaging and informative so that shoppers are kept interested and will hopefully buy your products.  Be mindful of the language you are using.  You need to bear in mind your target audience and a good way to know if your copy is engaging is to say to yourself, would you buy this product having looked at it and read about it?  If the answer is no then your target audience will also be thinking the same!

Where possible offer free postage and packaging as many people when they are shopping online are happy with your product prices but are then deterred by an extra sum for postage and packaging.  Build it in to your prices.

Ensure that contact information is on every page or easy to find so that if potential customers have a question and they want to speak to someone they can do so easily.

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