Magento Go and Prostores

Magento Go MigrationNot exactly new news but hadn’t managed to find the ‘time’ to write a post last month. That might be a good post in its self…if I ever got round to writing it!

So it seems Magento Go has bitten the dust and retired to the home of old and unwanted applications. From February 2015 they will be transitioned off. Although its a wee while off its clear they need to be switched over much sooner for those who own such stores, although don’t dispair they will still offer support and customer service till February the first!

If you need it there is a checklist of things to do in their migration centre – Magento Go migration centre. There is also the Prostore Migration Centre.

Its well worth getting the transition in early and there are plenty of companies out there at hand – ourselves being one of them. If you are interested in our Magento package please click the following link Magento Website Package.


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