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Magento Go and Prostores

eCommerce / Web Design
Not exactly new news but hadn't managed to find the 'time' to write a post last month. That might be a good post in its self...if I ever got round to writing it! So it seems Magento Go has bitten the dust and retired to the home of old and.

29 September/Posted by lvmedia

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Web Design Manchester

Web Design
Why First Impressions Count in Web Design First impressions really count for a lot, and while there may be substance beneath the surface, when it comes to web design, online visitors form their opinions quickly. According to the Manchester Evening News, more than 14,000 new businesses had launched in the.

13 September/Posted by lvmedia

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Web Design in Stockport

Web Design
Less Can Be More: Keeping Your Web Design Simple Many websites suffer from an overload of information. There’s a temptation to leave no stone unturned, to want to include any and all information about your business on your site. But if your online visitors are faced with too much information,.

12 September/Posted by lvmedia

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