How Do You Make Your Ecommerce Site a Success?

The whole success of shopping hinges on a successful transaction. This applies to physical shops and to online stores. The big difference is that when buying online you don’t handle the goods until they’re delivered to you, and you have no face-to-face contact with the seller.

This means that an ecommerce site has to be extremely user-friendly, so that the transaction goes smoothly, and the customer always understands what step to take in order to purchase the desired goods.

The Practical Details

Through an online store you can sell a wide category of goods, or you can specialise. You can also sell specific categories of items that are completely geared to online transactions, such as digital books and music, and software. The point is that ecommerce overcomes many of the limitations of having a physical shop.

In order for people to be able to buy successfully from you online they need to be able to place orders with you. This is a key ecommerce mechanism, and your website design should reflect this. You would, therefore, expect to make some sort of shopping cart available.

In addition to the shopping cart, your site will also need to be able to do the following: calculate VAT (where appropriate); process coupons, discounts and vouchers; capture your customers’ billing and delivery details; ensure your customers can accept your conditions of sale; and create invoice and delivery numbers.

What payment mechanism will your ecommerce site have? This requires a payment gateway, whereby you present payment options to your customers, and you can accept payment details such as debit or credit card numbers. Finally your payment gateway will require a mean of authenticating your customers, whether by password, CVC code or a combination of factors.

Next you have to consider delivery options. How will you ensure your customers get what they’ve ordered, and how will you manage customer returns? Remember, regardless of the running of your online store, you need to have the physical nuts and bolts in place.

Pay Monthly Web Design

When it comes to investing upfront in your ecommerce business, one sensible option is to choose a pay monthly web design package. This spreads the cost for you and it means you can get up and running sooner, and start building your business and offset what you sell against the cost of setting up.

LV Media offers expert web design for ecommerce. We understand how to build a site that will appeal to your target audience and make it easy for them to buy from you.

Contact us today to talk about our pay monthly web design packages. We’re sure we’ll have something that right up your street.

Three Ecommerce Website Essentials

Before your customers can make their choices, you must make yours: what can you do to help you stand out online and make them want to buy from you?

There is a widespread shift to online shopping, and with this change in consumer behaviour comes greater competition. As an online store, you’re not simply competing with other retailers in your area, your competing on a global scale.

At the same time, because we’re talking about online shopping here, your site visitors will only give you a small window of opportunity to grab their attention.

At LV Media, we specialise in pay monthly sites, and we understand how best to combine affordability with excellence in ecommerce website design.

The first impression you make is crucial, as are the small details that will help to differentiate you. These are ecommerce website essentials.

What Your Customers See

Visual design is vital. The human brain processes images very quickly, much faster than text.

Therefore, when it comes to images on your website, they must look good. Go for high resolution, because presentation is everything. People’s eyes will be drawn to images first, so make sure that what you display is captivating, and that your images have a purpose.

Images are not just decoration – they help establish the visual hierarchy of your site. They should make visitors want to take action, and they should help with the flow of your site and how its navigation advances.

How Your Homepage Functions

You must make it easy for people to buy from you. This means your homepage must be fully functional. It must present a mobile-friendly storefront that also works for browsing on multiple devices.

Back of store functionality must include shopping carts, inventories and payment records.

The homepage must encourage shoppers to delve deeper and explore what your ecommerce site is offering. Think in terms of categories and special offers.

Your Marketing Content

Once you’ve attracted visitors with your site’s design, your written marketing copy will help you make the sale.

This is what provides value to your visitors, and both attracts and engages them.

You must have carefully crafted product pages, clear information and easy-to-follow checkout processes.

Also, use marketing content to reach out and attract visitors to your site using email marketing, and sharing blogs and posts through the social media channels appropriate to your brand.

Your content must be flawless, concise, consistent and compelling if it’s going to help you sell online.

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What is the Best Platform for Selling Online?

What is the Best Platform for Selling Online?

If you’re starting up a business and you need to sell online, what is the best way of doing this? Many people think that the internet and the web are the same thing. But they’re not. Here’s the difference: the internet is the network through which information is transmitted: but the web is the way in which we access the information.

When it comes to web design in Manchester, Stockport and across the North West, knowing how your audience will engage with you is crucial – how people visiting your website access your information is critical to how successful your online store will be. To sell successfully you need the right platform.

Selling With Magento

Imagine your website as a shop window, where you attract your customers so that they will buy from you. But attraction is one thing, getting them over the threshold so that they buy from you is another.

The Magento platform is ideal for ecommerce startups. It is flexible, adaptable and, importantly, scaleable – when your business grows, the Magento platform can grow with you, providing you with the means to keep selling online.

Winning the Popularity Contest

Magento has a market share close to 30% among the most popular ecommerce sellers. It’s used by big brands, which is a sure indicator of both its security and reliability. But it’s still an open source platform, which means it’s open to scrutiny as well as free to use, which in turn helps guarantee how well it works.

As an open source platform, Magento has had lots of people involved in its development, strengthening its functionality over time. In short, it has a huge knowledge-base to draw on.

Also, it’s flexible and relatively easy to customise, which is why it can work for both the big, established brands and smaller startups.

Upping Your Conversion Rate

Your website visitors have to get beyond the shop window and actually buy from you. With the Magento platform’s various customisation features, you can target your audience better and help guide them towards conversion, whereby they click and buy.

You can define any product feature you like, because of Magento’s flexibility. So when it comes to selling the benefits of your product, you can tailor your website to meet the needs of your customers.

Magento enables responsive website design, ensuring that your online store absolutely matches how you want to present your brand to the world. And this responsiveness helps enormously with search engine optimisation (SEO) – it keeps your site mobile-friendly and better ranked by Google’s algorithms.

At LV Media we have a wealth of experience in web design, serving ecommerce clients throughout Greater Manchester. We understand how to get the best out of the Magento platform to give you the online store you want.

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Mobile ecommerce websites overtaking desktop traffic

According to ecommerce week, mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic for the first time.

Smartphones and tablets are taking 36% of all UK e-retail traffic and 40% for clothing. This is unlikely to be a shock to most people.

The IMRG Capgemini Quarterly Benchmarking Report which examines about 40 retailers has stated that checkout abandonment has dropped to a record low of 27%. Ecommerce week says ‘sales completed on a mobile device, smartphones account for around 18%, while tablets account for 82%, based on the data sample from the IMRG Capgemini m-Retail Sales Index.’

The drop in checkout abandonment is good news for ecommerce website shop owners, this is a headache for all and keeping the customer right through to a sale is a complicated and a hit and miss process, things like keeping the customer on the website using a SSL certificate which keep the transaction safe instead of a re-direct to say Paypal has determinable advantages – we’ve noticed this with some of our customer ecommerce website shops; one very new customer had a dramatic fall of 50% at the checkout due to an out of date SSL certificate and a re-direct…needless to say we took over and reverted this.

We are changing the way we shop, maybe its the spirit of the times and its a natural progress, especially with the convenience factor. Here at LVMedia we are focusing our time on mobile responsive ecommerce websites to make sure we keep with the times, who knows where mobile shopping will take us!

Magento Go and Prostores

Magento Go MigrationNot exactly new news but hadn’t managed to find the ‘time’ to write a post last month. That might be a good post in its self…if I ever got round to writing it!

So it seems Magento Go has bitten the dust and retired to the home of old and unwanted applications. From February 2015 they will be transitioned off. Although its a wee while off its clear they need to be switched over much sooner for those who own such stores, although don’t dispair they will still offer support and customer service till February the first!

If you need it there is a checklist of things to do in their migration centre – Magento Go migration centre. There is also the Prostore Migration Centre.

Its well worth getting the transition in early and there are plenty of companies out there at hand – ourselves being one of them. If you are interested in our Magento package please click the following link Magento Website Package.


Does your eCommerce site convert clicks in to sales?

As a business you have decided to expand in to the online market that is the internet by having a beautifully designed ecommerce website.  But does your site convert clicks in to sales?  It’s all well and good have an attractive website but you want visitors to end up as paying customers.  There are a number of things you need to consider when creating a conversion friendly website.

Firstly your site must be easy to navigate because shoppers will simply click off your website if they cannot find what they want.  Your navigation system needs to be simple and straight forward so that online users can view your products quickly and easily.

Be sure to use high end quality product images because shoppers will want to see your products clearly.  If appropriate take a few photos of the same product from different angles so the potential customer knows what they are getting.  Another useful tool is product videos which are short clips showing the product and how it is used in life.  The videos can have speech with someone explaining it.

Your content especially for product descriptions needs to be engaging and informative so that shoppers are kept interested and will hopefully buy your products.  Be mindful of the language you are using.  You need to bear in mind your target audience and a good way to know if your copy is engaging is to say to yourself, would you buy this product having looked at it and read about it?  If the answer is no then your target audience will also be thinking the same!

Where possible offer free postage and packaging as many people when they are shopping online are happy with your product prices but are then deterred by an extra sum for postage and packaging.  Build it in to your prices.

Ensure that contact information is on every page or easy to find so that if potential customers have a question and they want to speak to someone they can do so easily.

Here at LV Media we are experts at ecommerce web design and offer pay monthly ecommerce websites.  We are a web design Stockport based company but are happy to talk or meet no matter your postcode.